Surgeon Simulator 2013

Game where players perform simulated surgeries on patients


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  • Works under: Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Boss Studios

Experience Life as a Surgeon

If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a real life surgeon, then Surgeon Simulator 2013 might be the game for you. Gamers play the role of Nigel Burke, a practicing surgeon who has very shaky hands and performs potentially life saving skills on his passive patients. The game uses dark humour to give it an interesting twist and there is plenty of gore thrown into the mix.

If you thought that life as a surgeon was all fame and glamour, think again. It turns out that your character is rather bad at his job, something that most of the people around him have failed to notice. Why he has managed to keep his job as a surgeon is anyone’s guess, but it adds plenty of funny moments to the game.

As the game opens you are tasked with performing a heart transplant. No further instructions are given and you must figure out for yourself the correct way to do it. You are given a tableful of instruments to use and the lack of knowledge combined with the surgeon’s very shaky hands lead to a series of comic moments. If you have ever wondered whether the rumour about a surgeon leaving his watch inside a patient could really happen, you will now find out first hand.

Players look through the eyes of the surgeon and have to control the surgeon’s arm, which hovers above the operating table. The controls are fairly simple and for the most part you will be using the mouse to adjust the angle of the wrist, move in for the first cut and perform those hopefully deft manoeuvres that will either save the patient or end their life forever.

The actual controls can feel a little awkward, which helps to make the game more enjoyable. Simply picking up a scalpel from the table can be very tricky, while using it may feel almost impossible at first. You could easily become the victim of your own incompetence as you prick your own finger with a syringe and start to hallucinate, while the poor patience suffers a blood haemorrhage from an electric drill that you dropped inside their abdominal cavity.

The only down side with Surgeon Simulator 2013 is that gamers will only have three different types of surgeries to perform. These are limited to a heart transplant, a brain transplant and a double kidney transplant. The goal is always to complete the procedure before the patient runs out of blood and this may seem a bit repetitive.

However, getting to grips with these operations can be so tricky that there is more than enough to keep players entertained. Keeping your watch on can be a task all on its own, while there are plenty of other side challenges and extras to enjoy along the way as well.

People who are a bit squeamish may well find that the blood and dark humour of Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a bit too much for them. However, those who revel in gore are sure to be chuckling along with the dialogue and over the top dramatisation. Rather than teaching gamers how to be a surgeon, this is more of a guide of what not to do and there are plenty of thrill and spills to enjoy along the way.


  • The game has a great sense of humour
  • Experience life as a failing surgeon
  • There are lots of hidden extras
  • The music works well with the game


  • There are only three types of surgeries
  • Not for the faint of heart
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